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Steve Buzza

Teaching Philosophy

My expertise is understanding human movement. The name Biomechanics sounds very complicated but it just means the study of the human body and how it moves, think of me as “the body guy”. Before I recommend any swing change I first assess how your current movement works. I understand how to get optimal results through the swing body connection and how to prevent and recover from injury. I use state of the art technology to measure your swing beyond what the naked eye is capable. In combination with assessing how your body naturally moves I will provide a clear understanding of how YOUR swing should look and feel.  You will be surprised at how much more cooperative your body will be to change, when the change itself is complementary to how your body wants to move. The best part of my job is finding the core strength of a player’s movement to allow them to perform at a level they didn’t think possible.



Steve Buzza is a member of the British PGA and one of Golf Digest’s Best Young Teachers in America. Born and raised in Southwest England, Steve attended Cardiff Metropolitan University in Wales where he obtained a Sport Science degree and later earned a Masters  degree in Biomechanics. Last year, Steve traveled to Canada to present his findings at the World Scientific Congress of Golf and currently is publishing his research findings in the area of Golf Driving Performance. While in England, Steve worked as a Performance Coach for The University of Exeter and led them to achieve status as the number one team in the UK. His coaching techniques became globally recognized and he was selected to work in Bangkok, Thailand as the Head of Instruction for David Leadbetter. He spent 6 years at Bonita Bay Club in Bonita Springs, Fl.  Steve became the Director of Instruction at Brook Hollow Golf Club in Dallas, Texas in 2023. Steve is a highly trained expert with technology including Trackman, Boditrak, Sam Putt Lab and K-Motion 3-D Sensors. His deep understanding in human movement has also led Steve to become certified in Yoga for Golfers. As a TPI Level 3 certified Coach, this is the highest honors within Titlieist Performance Institute. Steve has been published in Golf Digest Magazine twice and contributes regularly to online outlets generating over a million views of his content. One of Steve’s biggest strengths is that he can help people of all ages and ability levels. Whether your goal is to shoot under par or post your first score for a single hole, Steve is fully qualified to help you achieve your goals and enjoy yourself along the way.

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Megan Padua Buzza

Teaching Philosophy:


My mission as a coach is to continually seek out cutting-edge instructional knowledge and share it with those players who have a strong desire to improve their game. I have been fortunate to learn from some of the most notable professionals and experts in the golf industry. There is a saying that “we stand on the shoulders of giants” and I understand that as a young professional, I have reached my level of coaching expertise in large part due to the hard work of professionals that paved the way for exceptional golf instruction. Decades of evolutionary coaching have given rise to new approaches and expanding technologies which I utilize to provide measurable results both faster and easier. I remain driven to make golf more enjoyable and rewarding for my students and employ a variety of techniques and tools that complement each individual’s needs.




Megan Padua is both a PGA and LPGA certified teaching professional. She has been recognized as one of the Top 50 LPGA Teachers, a Top 50 GRAA teacher, one of Golf Digest’s Best Young Teachers in America and a USKG Master Kids Teacher.  Megan takes a holistic approach to coaching - working on all areas of the game including full swing, mental game, short game, course management and golf fitness in collaboration with our staff fitness experts. Students from all across the country have sought out her specialized instruction in the area of putting. Megan is part of the exclusive group of Aimpoint green reading certified instructors along with being Level 3 Sam Putt lab certified and a certified Edel putting fitter. Megan coaches at The North Texas PGA Headquarters in Frisco, Texas.

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